Welcome to the New Website

PastorMark.tv is now the official place for everything I’m working on. Over the years, my stuff has been scattered all over the web, and there was nowhere to keep it all organized. This website now remedies that problem. 

What you'll find here

Here you’ll find links to everything I’m putting out, such as:


  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more

  • Media interviews

  • Washington Post and Newsweek blogs

  • Mars Hill Church, Resurgence, Leadership Coaching, and Acts 29 church planting 

  • My speaking schedule 

  • Books I’m reading and writing, and books I’ve published

  • Prize giveaways

  • Free ebooks I’ve written

  • and more


Plus, you’ll find the speaking request form for those of you who want me to come serve, sermon campaigns ministry leaders can sign up for in order to get thousands of dollars of free research and sermon helps from me and my team, recent sermons in various formats (audio, video transcribed, translated into Spanish), and more.


Why we made the site

The site will serve to provide more personal information such as what I’m doing with my family and how the Holy Spirit is changing me by the grace of God to be more like Jesus. 


I believe this is important. Hebrews 13:7 says, “Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” And 1 Timothy 4:16 commands, “Watch your life and doctrine closely.” 


Sure, a face-melting tweet or theologically-precise blog is important. But, so are the practical details of life, such as date night with your spouse and having fun with your kids. 


Through various posts, I’ll cover the theological and the practical, doctrine and life, what Christians believe and how Christians behave, and the text of Scripture and context of life. The big idea is that we need both a theology of something (e.g., marriage, parenting, sex, joy, suffering) and a reality of that thing. Theology alone is not enough, as for example, plenty of guys have written marriage books but have miserable wives. 


This website will also include some humor likely focused on Emergent Christians who finger paint their doctrinal statement, anyone who is certain they know the details surrounding the end of the world because of some math equation based upon the bulls' testicles verses in Leviticus, and religious nutters with so many extra-biblical rules that even the Pharisees would be confused. 

My family will contribute 

And, I’m happy to have my family join me. Grace, my wife of 19 years, will be writing here as well. She will be focusing on issues related to being a Godly woman, wife, mother, and friend—things she’s particularly passionate about. She is very sweet and helpful, and will help balance out my occasional moods. 


And, our oldest daughter Ashley, who is now entering high school, will be writing as well. She’ll be doing book reviews for young girls and talking about practical ways to grow spiritually as a teenage girl. Her heart is to encourage young women to follow Jesus. As our other four children get older, they may write some too—we’ll have to wait and see. 


Thanks for stopping by. Please come back, and tell your friends. 


Pastor Mark