Last Chance to Support God's Work at Mars Hill and Get a FREE Copy of Real Marriage


Give $25 or more to support God's work through Mars Hill, Resurgence, and Acts 29 and get a free copy of Real Marriage

Offer ends this Tuesday, December 20 at noon Pacific Standard Time.

In January, the new book by Grace and me, Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, & Life Together, will release and we'll be kicking off a sermon series by the same title at all Mars Hill churches. Additionally, over 2,000 churches have signed up to join us in teaching the content through the Real Marriage Campaign—which provides free resources to ministries, including hundreds of pages of research notes from Docent Research Group, my sermon notes, design and marketing materials, counseling and worship guides, DVD downloads of my sermons, and more.

During the series, we'll also be kicking off the Real Marriage Tour and visiting mulitple cities throughout the year to talk about marriage and Jesus. I encourage you to register for a tour date in a city near you. And, please pray for Grace and me, that we would remain close friends by God's grace and help other couples to do the same. This multi-year tour is intentionally hosted by solid Bible-teaching churches that love Jesus. Our hope is to truly help people in their relationship with Jesus and their spouse. And once the tour leaves, we want those without a church home to have a good church home to connect with for ongoing support and growth. We love the church, and we believe strong marriages are the key to strong churches and communities. 

God's Work, Our Witness

Over the Advent season, Mars Hill has been doing a sermon series called "God's Work, Our Witness," celebrating what God has done, what he is doing, and what he will do at Mars Hill Church.

This series is told as a road trip tour, stopping at every current Mars Hill Church to meet the leaders and hear their stories. We opened the series with the God's Work, Our Witness Documentary, in which I introduced you to some folks who have been at Mars Hill since the beginning, as well as people who have become Christians along the way. We saw some of the places the church met in our early, wandering years and shared some nutty God stories along the way. 

A Big Ask

During this series, we've been doing a big giving campaign at Mars Hill Church, called the 4-3-2-1 Campaign, as God has opened the opportunity for us to plant …

  • 4 Mars Hill churches in …

  • 3 states (California, Oregon, and Washington) for …

  • 2 reasons—we love God and love people—on …

  • 1 day: January 15, 2012.

Additionally, we're doing a number of other initiatives, including a complete revamp of Mars Hill Kids, building out a recording studio to record the great music made by Mars Hill musicians, and a rework of

These are big opportunities, and we're making a big ask! We're looking to raise $6.4 million dollars!

You can learn more about "God's Work, Our Witness" at

Last Chance to support God's work and get a FREE copy of Real Marriage

While our big push has been for the people who call Mars Hill Church home to step up to the plate and give, we've also made a big ask of the global Mars Hill community.

Did you know?

  • Over 6 million leaders visit resources and training each year for free.

  • Over 10 million people downloaded our sermons last year for free.

  • Over 400 churches are in the pipeline to be planted by Acts 29 in the coming years.

Much of this work is gladly and freely funded by the financial commitment of members at Mars Hill Church. It's a joy and blessing.

But if you've been helped and enjoy the resources we provide, would you consider, in thanks, helping financially?

Anything you can give will help, but we're giving away a free copy of Real Marriage to anyone who gives over $25 to help support the work God is doing at Mars Hill, Resurgence, and Acts 29. All proceeds go to fund these ministries, and the gifts are tax-deductible. 

This special offer ends this Tuesday, December 20, and noon Pacific Standard Time. So, if you're planning on making a gift, I'd ask that you please do so today. 


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We're excited about what God has done, is doing, and will do through our ministries. Thank you for being a part of his work. And remember, it's always all about Jesus.

Pray for more people to meet Jesus, more lives to be changed, more leaders to be trained, and more churches to be planted in 2012!