Jesus Welcomes You into the Family: Sermon Recap

My team has compiled some social media highlights to recap this week’s sermon and make it easy for you to share. Use the shortened link: and on Twitter use #familyofGod.

1. Of all the images and metaphors God could have used to reveal himself, he chose "Father."

2. Thought your family was complicated? You're in good company. Jesus' extended family includes prostitutes, murderers, and perverts. 

3. The church is a family and leaders are kind of like moms and dads, doing their best to serve all the kids. All families need lots of grace.

4. The New Testament introduces Jesus in the context of a family: he came into human history and joined a family to make us family—the church.

5. The genealogy of Jesus touts sinners who need the grace of God, not flawless heroes of faith.

6. The genealogy of Jesus shows it doesn't matter where you've come from. God knows you, loves you, & you can be born again into his family

7. Jesus' family comes with baggage and carry-ons (Matt. 1:1-17). Anyone is welcome to join the family of God. Even the best among us have a sinful pedigree.

8. Jesus is willing to save and change your whole family. He's willing to start something with you that could affect generations.

9. As we enter the holiday season and time with family, think about how Jesus made us a family called the church. How do you treat the family of God?

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