I am new: Sermon Recap

My team has compiled some social media highlights to recap this week’s sermon and make it easy for you to share through Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Use the shortened link: http://jesus.to/ZRrNSC

  1. Philosophical rejection of the Bible is often used to justify moral resistance. People don't want to be told what to do.

  2. Sinning creates spiritual callouses. Habitual sin doesn't bother you like it used to because you're numbing your conscience.

  3. You don’t have to be perfect; Jesus is. You don’t have to pay God back; Jesus has. You don’t need to suffer for your sins; Jesus did.

  4. Baptism: we go underwater & rise to show that Jesus died & rose for us. Our old self died with Christ & our new self is raised with Christ.

  5. Repentance is a change of mind and a change of direction.

  6. If there is to be any true holiness in us, change in our behavior must be preceded with a change in our nature by the Holy Spirit.

  7. God doesn’t want to simply improve the old you. He wants to make an entirely new you. In Christ, you are a new creation.

  8. Repentance includes not just your behavior but your way of thinking. Have you surrendered your thoughts to Christ along with your life?

  9. We either have our face toward sin and our back toward God, or our face toward God and our back toward sin.

  10. God sees two categories of people: perfect and imperfect. The problem: We're not perfect. The solution: Jesus is.

  11. Many people don't believe in Jesus because they think they are Jesus, saving the world through causes and good deeds.

  12. You can change the things you do. Only Jesus can change who you are.