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  • Instagram Photo In Dallas headed in for an interview on Daystar...
  • Instagram Photo It's raining out, supposed to snow tonight, and...
  • Instagram Photo Pastors from across our churches leave today fo...
  • Instagram Photo Excited for day 2 of Real Marriage. We had over...
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  • An Update From @PastorMark http://t.co/kiT3TNh5tp 3 months ago - View on Twitter go
  • Still celebrating the hundreds of baptisms at @marshill this past Easter. #changedlives #itsallaboutJesus http://t.co/9aWc7O8klj 4 months ago - View on Twitter go
  • UPDATE: Grace City Church says “Thanks!” http://t.co/xuJ4MvgykH 4 months ago - View on Twitter go
  • Join us this weekend for @TopeKoleoso's #BestSermonEver at @marshill or watch online at http://t.co/nbDfR0Jrw8 http://t.co/Hkw4h3V75Y 4 months ago - View on Twitter go
  • "Unforgiveness will poison everything you do" - @TopeKoleoso #bestsermonever 4 months ago - View on Twitter go


  • An Update From Pastor Mark Driscoll http://jesus.to/1wpkvZF3 months - Comments go
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  • Still celebrating the hundreds of baptisms at Mars Hill Church this past Easter. #changedlives #itsallaboutJesus4 months - Comments go